Russian Cemetery of Kozaki in Lemnos

 A lot of Kozaki deported and transported in many places miles away from Russia in 1920-1921 during the civil war. Almost 5000 of them transferred to Lemnos island in Cape Pounta with the help of French and British ships. They arrived there  with their families and relatives so as to survive from the Communists, who were the winners of the war. Many of them were priests, artists, teachers, doctors, nuns, merchants and ministers. They were imprisoned  in a camp in Portianou by their former allies French and British.

Tripiti beach, Kos island, Greece

Tripiti beach is in the southwest side of Kos island and it is in a distance of almost 47 kilometres away from the city of Kos and 7 kilometres away from Kefalos village. It is a quiet intact beach with crystal waters and has some beautiful rocks with different shapes and size. There are some sunbeds and sun umbrellas, where you can relax and enjoy the remarkable beach. 

Agios Fokas beach, Kos island, Greece

 Agios Fokas beach is in northeast side of Kos island and in a distance of almost 9 kilometrs away from the city of Kos. You will find there a bar with sunbeds and sun umbrellas, which offers a variety of snacks, drinks and refreshments. The beach is consisted by fine sand mixed with peddles and you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. If you don't desire to go to bar, you can go and enjoy lying under the shadow of Tamarix (saltcedar). In small distance from this beach, it is very good to go to Therma Hot Springs, a great place where you can relax and rest from an exhausting day. 

Zia, Kos island, Greece

Zia is a traditional small village in Kos island and is situated on a slope under Dikeos mountain. If you go there, you will see many shops, restaurants and cafes, where you can do shopping and enjoy favourite Greek dishes. Zia offers a panoramic view in the nearby islands, like Kalymnos, Pserimos, in villages Tigaki, Marmari and in beautiful Aliki (salt lake) of Kos. Around of Zia, there is a greenery landscape with fabulous paths, you can enjoy walking through trees and you can ascend to the summit of Dikeos, where you have the chance to enjoy the great view of Kos island to Nisyros island and visit the church of Christos. Furtheremore, it is good to visit the church of Panagia Kouvoukliani and other small churches around the village of Zia.

Havouli beach, Lemnos island, Greece

 Havouli beach is a quiet beach in Lemnos island in a distance of 4,3 kilometres away from the village of Moudros. You can go there by following the road, which drives to Micro and Megalo Fanaraki beaches and in the first left turn, you should go left. After you should follow this road until a sign, which indicates the Havouli beach and you should turn right. The half of the way is in good condition and the rest half of it is dirt road. You will reach in your destination in 9 minutes starting from Moudros village. The beach is organised with a snack bar, which offres cool drinks, ice creams and has sunbeds and sun umbrellas.  

Keros beach, Lemnos island, Greece

Keros beach is one of the popular beaches in Lemnos island and is on the east side of Lemnos, some kilometres away from Kalliopi village. Many tourists go there and enjoy the cool clear water and do water sports, as there is a windsurfing school that gives lessons about Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. There are sunbeds, sun umbrellas and snack bars, where you have the chance to relax and enjoy cool drinks and snacks. Many birdwatchers proceed there, as there is a Pink Flamingo Watch Kiosk, where you can observe Pink flamingos, white swans, egrets, partridges and kestrels in different seasons of the year.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Acropolis of Athens is on a slope in the centre of the city of Athens. One of the most impressive buildings and monuments are situated there, which were built many centuries ago as symbols of Greek democracy, classical spirit and civilization. The most distinctive monument is the temple of Parthenon, which is built with durable Pentelic marble in the Golden age (c. 495 – 429 BC) in the fifth century BC and it was full of artefacts, sculptures and masterpieces, some of them have been stolen and are in different famous museums around the world now. According to historics, it took eight years to be completed. Inside the Parthenon, there was the famous chryselephantine statue of Virgin Athena, which was designed and created by Phidias. Apart from Parthenon, there are other three fabulous building, like the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. The monuments of Acropolis are protected by Unesco, as they have been characterised as World Cultural and Natural Heritage Monuments that they constantly inspire and influence even now relevant with human values, rights,  art and the free expression.