Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Acropolis of Athens is on a slope in the centre of the city of Athens. One of the most impressive buildings and monuments are situated there, which were built many centuries ago as symbols of Greek democracy, classical spirit and civilization. The most distinctive monument is the temple of Parthenon, which is built with durable Pentelic marble in the Golden age (c. 495 – 429 BC) in the fifth century BC and it was full of artefacts, sculptures and masterpieces, some of them have been stolen and are in different famous museums around the world now. According to historics, it took eight years to be completed. Inside the Parthenon, there was the famous chryselephantine statue of Virgin Athena, which was designed and created by Phidias. Apart from Parthenon, there are other three fabulous building, like the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. The monuments of Acropolis are protected by Unesco, as they have been characterised as World Cultural and Natural Heritage Monuments that they constantly inspire and influence even now relevant with human values, rights,  art and the free expression.

The church of Agios Panteleymon, Agathonisi island, Greece

The church of Agios Panteleymon is on the top of a mountain over the port of Agathonisi. It is a beautiful small church, traditionally built and it offers a magnificent view in the Megalo Chorio and the Port of this island. It was built by Kamitsis'children in 1989. This church celebrates on the 27th of July every year. Many faithful people gather there in the previous day so as to pray and express their worship in the icon of Agios Panteleymon. Furthermore many people take part in the celebration and festivity, which are organised by the topical association known as Yetoussa. You can go to this small church by following the road until Mikro Chorio and after following a path, which goes directly to it.

Falakro or Faraklo of Lemnos island, Greece

Falakro or Faraklo is an impressive landscape close to sea. It consists of many beautiful and distinctive rock formations, which are like sculptures. According to scientists are originated by hot lava, which was running by the nearby volcanoes and when it was in contact with water, it froze. So this procedure had as a resulth the creation of different rock formations, which attract a lot of tourists today. You can go there by passing the Propouli village first and after following a dirty road about for ten minutes until this distinctive landscape.

Agathonisi island, Greece

Ammos beach in Kos island, Greece

Ammos beach is in Psalidi of Kos island. It is one of the most  popular beaches in Kos island. There is a coctail bar there with many choices, snacks, drinks, soft drinks and fascinating music. You can relax and rest on sunbeds under umbrellas and enjoy a cool swimming in the beautiful cool light blue water of Ammos beach. It consists of pebble and a little fine sand. You can go there by your car, city bus or on foot if you enjoy the walking.

Hot sulphur springs (Therma), Kos island, Greece

Therma or hot sulphur springs is in a distance of 8 km from Kos city. The water is ranging between 42°C and 45°C and it is very beneficial for people who suffering from rheumatic, arthritic and gynecological disorders. The landscape is very distinctive with eroded and volcanic rocks and sharp hills. When you go there, you will see a small lake full of hot water coming from some sulphur springs. According to scientists, this water comes from Nisyro's volcano underwater.You can enter into lake and stay here for some minutes. The water is quite hot there, but you should not hesitate to try. This hot lake is close to sea, thus you can enjoy swimming there if you don't desire to come into the lake. You can go there by public transport, your car or a taxi.

Paradise beach, Kefalos, Kos island, Greece

 Paradise beach is a beautiful beach in a distance of 7 km from Kefalos village. It is a well organised beach providing many facilities, such as a reastaurant, a snack bar, sunbeds and umbrellas. It is named Paradise, as it has crystal water, fine sand and shallow waters. Therefore it is eligible for families with small children. Also you can enjoy doing water sports or playing other water games there. The access to the beach is very easy and convenient, as the street is in good condition.