Russian Cemetery of Kozaki in Lemnos

 A lot of Kozaki deported and transported in many places miles away from Russia in 1920-1921 during the civil war. Almost 5000 of them transferred to Lemnos island in Cape Pounta with the help of French and British ships. They arrived there  with their families and relatives so as to survive from the Communists, who were the winners of the war. Many of them were priests, artists, teachers, doctors, nuns, merchants and ministers. They were imprisoned  in a camp in Portianou by their former allies French and British.
According to Russian Records, French authorities had cruel behaviour to Kozaki and they were always reducing the meals and woods to them in order to weaken and lead them to death. Many died from the mischiefs, low diet, poverty and diseases and burried there. Kozaki stayed in Lemnos until on December of 1921.It is important to add that Kozaki were afraid of Lemnos, because it is surrounded by sea and it was the first time that they saw sea in their lives. They were faithful Christians, they went in the church every Sunday and they organised festivals and dances in the square of Portianou. Now there is a Russian Cemetery in Cape of Pounta, which is protected and fully restored, as the previous years it was abandoned and had almost disappeared from the grass and vegetation. Furthermore, there is memorial ceremony by the Envoys of Russian Embassy and other Russian representatives.

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